Why Colour Matters With Personalised Gifts

a stylish passport holder

Personalised gifts can be a wonderful way of displaying affection. They not only show that you care enough to get them a present, but also that you value them enough to make the extra effort required to ensure it is a unique and special item, not just something that looked nice when you saw it on the store shelf.

Although Christmas may have come and gone, there may be many other occasions on which you could provide such a gift for the man in your life. It may be a washbag, a backpack or a passport holder. Any such thing could offer something he will love.

It could be that he has a birthday early in the year, in which case a personalised gift has the uniqueness required to make it stand out from any of the things he may have unwrapped on December 25th. Alternatively, you may have an anniversary to celebrate as a couple. Apart from all that, Valentine’s Day is fast approaching.

Elements like initials may be the most personal aspect of the gift, but not necessarily the only one. Colour is another.

This may be particularly pertinent when it comes to a passport holder. The colour of UK passports was something a lot of people got very excited about as a consequence of Brexit, with the switch from maroon to navy blue.

Of course, some regarded that as a more important thing than others, often depending on how they felt about Britain’s changed position in the world. Besides, the colour change was a national statement, not personalised to anyone’s own favourite hue.

However, if you are to give a personalised passport holder in a favoured colour, it may actually be the case that navy blue goes down very well.

In 2015, A global survey by YouGov of ten countries across four different continents revealed that blue was the most popular in all of them, with between 23 per cent of people (Indonesia) and 33 per cent (Britain) nominating it as their preference.

This was in contrast with the second favourite, which, depending on what country you came from, could have been red, green or even (Hong Kong) purple. In Malaysia and Australia red and purple were joint second.

Of course, it is unlikely that a stylish passport holder or bag for a man would come in a bright or garish colour. If he prefers red, it may be more towards the darker end of the spectrum (dare we say it, not so far from the old passport maroon?) If green, a darker or pastel shade would be infinitely better than a garish lime green.

You should know, of course, what your man’s favourite colour is. Pretty much everyone has one, although it is sometimes the case that they don’t necessarily adopt it for smart clothes or accessories. If he’s an expat from Hong Kong, for example, don’t expect him to wear purple much.

However, with an understated but unmistakable colour on a personalised gift, you could go a step further towards making sure you give the man in your life something he will truly cherish.