What Are The Top Fashion Accessories for Autumn Winter 23/24

Personalised clutch bag

Anyone who has their eye on fashion will know structured shoulders, skirts over trousers, and neo-florals will be huge this autumn/winter, but what about accessories?

To find out what the top fashion trends will be for handbags, shoes, hair pieces and scarves this season, read on. 

Stylish handles

When it comes to handbags this autumn/winter, pay attention to their handles. These will take on a life of their own, adding character and charm to an otherwise muted bag. 

Bottega Veneta featured a plastic fish handle, while Puppets and Puppets placed an old-fashioned telephone on the top of a red hobo bag.

Underarm clutch 

Instead of a crossbody bag, tote, duffel or messenger bag, this season is all about carrying your handbag clutched under your arms. 

This isn’t just for tiny purses though, but for larger day bags that could even fit your laptop, reusable coffee cup and water bottle. 

Women will be keeping things very close to their chest this season with this new trend. 

Metallic bags

There’s no denying that neutral colours, such as camel, stone and greige, have been hugely popular in fashion over the last few years. 

However, as the Christmas season approaches, this paves the way for metallic accessories to shine through. 

Gucci, Diesel, Givenchy, Paco Rabanne, Luar, and Vaquera all featured silver or gold handbags in their catwalk shows. 


This year is all about designers wanting to show off their logo, so expect to see handbags covered in their branding. 

If you’d prefer something more subtle, these are still available, with plain, pattern-less accessories also just as popular. 

Oversized scarves

Of course, it wasn’t just bags the fashion houses were busy designing for this season, but other autumnal accessories too. 

For instance, nobody can face the colder weather without wrapping up in a scarf, so designers went all out with the cover-up, creating oversized scarves that would almost swamp an entire outfit. 

If you are intent on keeping the chilly weather out, you’ll love this look, which was seen at Saint Laurent, Giorgio Armani and Michael Kors’ shows last summer.

Powerful points

Long gone are rounded heels, as the pointed stiletto is firmly back this year. The look is a very powerful one, so women shouldn’t be afraid to go for a pointy toe, whether wearing heels or flats.

In fact, they put an end to ballet pumps completely, with angular brogues set to take over as the most popular choice of flat shoe. 

And when it comes to Christmas parties, the stiletto is the only heel to consider. Team this with a black dress with oversized structured shoulders, which is this season’s take on the timeless fashion trend, and add the glitz and glamour with a bold metallic clutch bag.