What A Luxury Gift Reveals About Its Giver

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When people give gifts to the people they care about, the focus is typically on making sure that the latter gets something that matters and is part of a meaningful gesture, whether that is a luxury gift set, something practical or something purely decorative or ephemeral.

Something that is often said about gift-giving is that it is ultimately the thought that counts, and whilst this is true, it is not necessarily the case for the same reasons people often think it is.

Whilst gift-givers focus on the person they are buying for, often the choices of gifts we make and the reasons behind them say a lot more about ourselves than they do the person we are buying for.

This is particularly true for romantic occasions such as dates, anniversaries and Valentine’s Day, as a certain gift will not only show the value you place in a significant other but also what 

ways in which you express affection and value others.

Here are some examples of luxury presents and what it says about the person behind them.

Backpack Or Handbag

A person who gives practical bags and other gifts of that ilk is looking at the bigger picture, and choosing a gift that will be functional and useful long after it has been handed over and unwrapped.

People who give lasting gifts tend to want connections to last as long, and to provide a reminder of their generosity. It is a particularly thoughtful approach, even if it lacks the drama or ornamentation that we commonly associate with gifting.

Passport Holder

Typically if someone is buying a luxury passport holder, the next present they are likely to give is tickets, as they are more focused on providing experiences.

Some people prefer to create lasting memories through adventure and unique moments rather than physical items, although a passport holder or wallet with tickets in it could serve as an appropriate memento.

A Filled Jewellery Box

Whilst a jewellery, watch or makeup box on its own is a very beautiful gift, some people go the extra mile by filling it with lavish and expensive presents.

People who do this have one of two motivations; they either care so much about someone that they want to spoil them, but at the same time it might also be a display of their wealth and social status, attempting to one-up any attempts to give a similar present back.

As well as this, simply spending a lot of money does not always make for the best gifts if there is no thought or consideration for the person who is going to receive them.

A Personalised Present

The best presents are those that come from the heart, and a thoughtful present often comes with personalisation, either in the form of a name, a monogram or a little message that shows the care and want to create a personal, careful connection through the gift you give.

A personalised luxury gift shows a sense of empathy, attention to detail and the desire to create a closer relationship, something particularly important if the connection is romantic in nature.