The Best Travel Accessories For Spring Getaways

luxury luggage tag

After hibernating indoors during winter, spring is often a time when people start enjoying weekends away. Whether they are jetting abroad or having long weekends in the UK, many people are making the most of the warmer temperatures before the school summer holidays begin. 

If you are joining the thousands of Brits hoping for a spring vacation, don’t forget to think about what to pack as well as where to book. 

Here is our pick of the best travel accessories to bring on holiday.

Luggage tags

There’s nothing worse than waiting for your luggage to appear on the carousel after landing and not being able to find your baggage, as someone has mistaken it for theirs and taken it. 

That is why it is a good idea to have luxury luggage tags attached to your bags, so your suitcases can’t get mislaid.

Get your initials printed on the tags, so you definitely know they belong to you, and on the inside write your name, address, phone and email, so you can be reunited with your luggage if it does get lost.

Passport holder

Another travel accessory worth buying is a passport holder, so you never mistake your travel document for another person’s. 

In an airport, everyone is carrying their passport in their hands, and there are many opportunities for it to become lost, such as at the check-in desk, through security, or when buying duty free. 

Therefore, having a passport holder immediately identifies it as your passport, so you can quickly spot it if you leave it lying around by mistake. 

Personalised washbag

Whether you are going away for one night or one week, you’ll need to pack a washbag, so why not make it a nice one?

Pack all your favourite toiletries in a personalised wash bag with a large central compartment, from your aftershave to your shower gel. 

Investing in a good-quality one is important when travelling, as you don’t want to risk any spillages or the bag breaking during your trip.

Jewellery box

Ladies who want to bring some special pieces of jewellery on holiday with them will need to pack a sturdy jewellery box. 

This enables them to securely bring their rings, necklaces, earrings and bracelets without them becoming damaged or entangled. 

If they are planning on attending special events, the chances are they will want to bring their best jewellery, so it is important to keep them as safe and protected as possible. 

A strong case, which has a separate section for necklaces, and a soft velvet lining means the items can be transported easily and compactly, without having to bring their individual cases away with them. 

Getting the jewellery box personalised makes it feel even more special, and quickly identifies the container as yours, so you can’t confuse it with anyone else’s should they happen to have a similar-looking one.