Must-Have Accessories For Your Wardrobe In 2024

Crossbody Bag

By the end of December, people are tired of their Christmas jumpers, colourful headbands and glitter handbags and want far more muted, neutral colours and materials. 

However, just because the festive comedown is real and January can be freezing, it doesn’t mean you have to wrap up in layers and fade into the background. 

No, the new year should be the time you reignite your fashion passion and start wearing the latest outfits and accessories that will be hot in 2024. 


  • Structured handbags

    Imagine a faux leather handbag in a non-offensive colour with a tight clasp like your grandma used to carry. Well, these old-fashioned purses are going to be all the rage over the next few months. 

    Vogue reported that lots of designers will be releasing their own version of these bags, including Prada, Ralph Lauren and Tory Burch. 

    “For others [designers], it was a structured proper lady bag, with a short handle and a flap that comes around the top and fastens securely with an elegant buckle; the kind of bag that Queen Elizabeth was famous for carrying,” it stated. 

    You could choose one with a short strap that sits elegantly on the inside of your elbow, or you could go for one that goes over your shoulder. A personalised crossbody bag is a trend that will last through the decades, much like the traditional handbag.


  • Low-slung belts

    You may think you’ve stepped back in time when you see the next accessory trend, but you haven’t travelled back to the early noughties, or even the ‘80s. Low-slung belts are, in fact, back and going to be huge in 2024.

    Choose an ultra-thick one and wear it over a pair of jeans, as long as it is hung as low as possible on your hips. 


  • Mask glasses

    It certainly takes someone confident to pull off a bold pair of glasses, as they have to wear them day in, day out. 

    So this year’s trend for mask glasses will be perfect for the more bolder fashion fan. 

    Taking their look from ski goggles, they cover up a considerable portion of your face and typically come with thick white frames. 

    These ultra-cool accessories can be found with clear lenses or slightly shaded ones, which only make them more trendy. 


  • Knee-high socks

    Knee-high socks are typically the fashion of school girls, but this year grown women are reclaiming the look. 

    Wear a pair of skin-coloured or black dernier socks that come just below the knee with a knee-length skirt when the weather is warm enough to bare your legs. 

    According to Fashion United, this trend exudes a “feminine, old-fashioned charm”. 


  • Ballet pumps

    If you thought you left ballet shoes back in 2005, you’d be wrong, as ballerina-style shoes are going to be back for spring/summer 2024. 

    “Flat and often adorned with a strap, this footwear is as practical as trainers,” the publication stated. 

    This style shoe comes in a variety of colours, so you be sure it’ll suit anything from a pair of bootcut jeans to a pencil skirt.