How Guys Should Accessorise This Autumn

personalised card holder - mens accesories

Fashion accessories are often thought of as just for women, but there are plenty of ways guys can spruce up an outfit with a few intricate pieces here and there. 

If you want to find out what men’s accessories you should be buying this season, read our tips. 

Card holder

Nobody carries cash these days, thanks to contactless cards, phones and watches, which is why most people have replaced their chunky wallets with sleek card holders. 

Don’t just opt for any style though, as your accessories say a lot about you. Choose a black personalised card holder with your initials on, making the classic style still look unique. 

With four card slots and a discreet zipped pocket for coins, guys can still carry some loose change if they have any. 

As Menswear Style says: “The right accessory can help you become more organised as an individual and is a sleek option to prevent unsightly trouser bulges.”

Cuff bracelets

Jewellery is not for women, and this year will see lots of guys choosing to wear rings, chains and bracelets. 

A really smart option is a metal cuff that looks understated and cool. Opt for silver over gold as it complements a variety of outfits, so you can elevate your ensemble whenever you leave the house. 

Silk ties

Most people save ties for a wedding or funeral these days, with office wear having become significantly more casual over the years and many people ditching the suit in favour of working from home anyway. 

However, there’s been a bit of a revolt, as guys want to smarten up again, and a silk tie is a great way to do so. 

Stick with a skinny tie in an interesting pattern, such as college stripes or polka dots, and be as bold or conservative as you fancy. Wear it with a waistcoat for the ultimate look. 

Across the shoulder bag

It’s not just women who have lots to carry around with them, so don’t be afraid to accessorise with a messenger bag of your own. 

Camel-coloured backpacks or across-the-shoulder bags in leather are a great choice. Not only do they look smart and sophisticated, but they are also incredibly functional. 

Use them for work to put your laptop in, or choose a smaller design for a book, snack and tablet. 

Leather bags look great with all outfits, whether you’re having a casual day wearing a T-shirt and jeans, or you’re off somewhere special and have a tailored suit on. 

Fancy watch 

A watch is probably the ultimate men’s accessory, so think carefully about what style you choose. 

“As well as serving an obvious purpose, a nice watch can really elevate your outfit,” according to Fashion Beans

It is sensible to opt for a metal watch, as these never go out of fashion, and look great with any outfit. 

Of course, most people cannot afford a Rolex or Tudor watch, but there are other stylish timepieces out there that are much more reasonably priced.