Can You Find The Ideal Men’s Washbag For 2024?

mens personalised washbag

With Christmas on the way, now is the time when many will be scratching their heads looking for a stylish gift for the man in their life. You could go for some of the same-old, same-old things, but what could be better than a men’s washbag set?

This will not be a comment on his hygiene, of course, but rather an acknowledgement of the fact that a man needs to look and smell good to please his significant other and, of course, feel good about himself in the process.

However, if you are looking for a washbag set you might be wondering what is the most on-trend fashion, as well as the key question: do you want to follow fashion (and will he?), or is doing things your own way and asserting stylistic independence the better option?

However, this is to ask the wrong question. Practicality is the key, as was noted by My Best in its article on what makes a great men’s wash bag in 2023.

Firstly, it should be at least water-resistant and, if possible, waterproof. This protects against any calamities that might arise from watery accidents, either with a shower or bath, or in transit when things might get spilt onto the bag. After all, nobody wants their grooming products getting wet, or anything leaking out into a suitcase.

This means using leather or some form of plastic to keep the item dry.

In addition, as many a man will admit and others deny, size matters. It must be large enough to accommodate all the items that need to be taken on a trip.

A further consideration for a man is whether he will be camping or staying in a hotel. In the former case, a bag that can be hung up will be handier, especially in a tent with limited space.

The question of just where a man might travel to in 2024 is a good one. Some might want to visit the same kind of places they did in 2023, be it a music festival, a particular city or somewhere out in the countryside.

For others, 2024 might provide some particular reasons to travel to certain places. Ever fancied a trip to Niagara Falls? What better time to be there than early April when the spectacle of the cascading waters below will be combined with the wonders above of a total solar eclipse?

Indeed, for anyone who loves a bit of astronomical wonder, 2024 is expected to be a peak year for watching the northern lights, so a few trips northward to areas with dark skies away from towns and cities could be in order.

If a man loves cricket, he might be taking a trip to watch England play in India at the end of winter, or Pakistan at the back end of the year. However, the most exciting sports-related trip might be to Paris for the 2024 Olympics, a century on from the events immortalised in Chariots of Fire.

Whether he is going to a big event or simply travelling frequently for business, there will be plenty of reasons to get the man in your life a great washbag set.